Monthly Orbit – February 2021

The long term effects of the pandemic on the workplace are not yet defined but there have been some shifts which give us a clue of what the future might look like. Employee wellbeing has been impacted due to the blurring of our work and home boundaries. Throw in home schooling and its easy to see how stressful balancing home and work life is. The case is being made for more flexible working practice and employers who allow greater flexibility will be winners in attracting talent in the future job market.

Recruitment and retaining your employees is impacted by the shift in our
economy, Hospitality and travel have ben hit hard and likely to be slow in recovery which means availability of workers looking to retrain. Employers should look at what they can offer and what their attraction strategy is. Bearing in mind those offering remote working are in a better position to
recruit those looking for flexible working opportunities. And that maybe your employees once the economy opens up and the world and his dog are fighting for the talent out there. Innovation and crisis go together like cheese and pickle.

In times of crisis we humans get creative just look at Captain Toms achievements. He was inspirational and will be missed. Business has had to urgently repurpose resources, focus and scale existing technology and pivot their workforces. Those businesses operating an agile workforce have been well placed to focus that collaborative spirit that is prevalent in times of crisis. How do you create an agile workforce? Be flexible; staff perform the best working at the time and place that suits them. Have trust; invest time to hire the right people and trust them to do the job. Change your mindset; agile is a state of mind that embraces change and actively explores innovation. Manage resources; deploy your peoples potential, experience skills and needs. Show up; create spaces and opportunities for colleagues to meet and be visible to your team.

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