HR Employment Compliance

When was the last time you reviewed your contracts, policies and updated your employee handbook? Or is it that you need help to create them? Doing it yourself is time-consuming and inefficient. I can help with HR Employment Compliance.

Employee Handbook

Having one will introduce your employees to your business and culture and how they fit in the business. This helps to speed up their understanding and feeling part of your business which means employees become more productive in a shorter period of time. The handbook also communicates an employee’s general responsibilities regarding safety, timekeeping and reporting. By providing clear, accessible information, handbooks ensure business continues moving in the right direction. They can also showcase the benefits you offer, helps defend against employee claims and lets employees know where to turn for help.

Employment Compliance
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HR Policy and Procedure

 No matter where or with whom you do business, or how many employees you have, you will be subject to employment laws. Your policy and procedure communicates and is useful in demonstrating that your business strives to be compliant with these regulations. For example, if your employee is absent you will want to be sure they understand their rights and obligations when communicating their reason for taking leave. Your absence policy should clearly define these parameters to the employee. Policies should communicate rights and obligations regarding government mandates and they help defend against employee claims. When you implemented GDPR for your clients did you consider your employees as the law now impacts upon employee records, data and its usage – Are you compliant?

Contract of Employment

It is advisable to provide these when considering your business’s ability to hang onto your best employees. When you have employees that are learning and working with your company's trade secrets it’s possible to have confidentiality clauses that will prevent employees from disclosing your trade secrets or client lists. In addition we can consider a not to compete clause that will prevent former employees from competing with your company for a certain amount of time after their employment ends.

HR Policy and Procedure

The HR Jedi has the affordable solution at hand.