Monthly Orbit – July 2021

The pensions regulator have recently assessed how well employers are delivering auto enrolment. Whilst the majority do try to comply a significant percentage are not delivering this correctly. In its most recent survey it found that 74% of employers schemes contained errors and omissions. From this 72% needed rectification undertaken. This really does demonstrate how many employers’ processes simply don’t deliver to the required standard to comply with the regulations. The problem is the longer the errors continue the more expensive it becomes to correct them.

Using a professional intermediary to ensure your compliant in your pension obligations is becoming a cost effective mechanism to avoid expensive and embarrassing public recourse.

It’s that half way point of the year when many of us take stock and review our employees performance from the past 6 months. It’s an opportunity to qualify the progress made on the goals set for the year and to adjust if necessary. Constructive feedback is a managers no.1 tool in a successful appraisal.

Did you discuss, agree and set SMART objectives for the year with all your employees? Doing so can significantly increase engagement and the likelihood of achieving the goals. Did you know that a fully engaged workforce will deliver an estimated 23% increased productivity. Thats not something to be sniffed at right? Having a fair and equitable performance review process will help a business thrive. We can help you.