Monthly Orbit – May 2021

Would you give a stranger your bank details? No didn’t think so. But you do expect your employees to give you this along with national insurance, home address, medical records, passport, driving license and more. So when was the last time you looked at who has access to that data and why? Is your employee data managed correctly?

Employees want to engage in meaningful work in return for a worthwhile reward. Give them the right tools, space and permission to use them the commercial result is profitable productivity. Of course, team members drive to excel can be compromised by any issues that impact wellbeing or mental health. The good news is that awareness of the benefits of early intervention is rising, whilst the stigma of mental health is diminishing. Effective action can be taken faster for the benefit of all. That is, of course, if your organisation has the right training.

Training managers and teams to recognise early warning signs of poor mental health, support those who are suffering, and know what effective action to take to get better results. Courses range from half-day workshops through to more regular sessions – there is a solution that fits your time and budget. If you are ready to move towards being recognised as an employer who excels in supporting the productive wellbeing of your team, we can help with a free focus call to discover the topics that will give you the best results within the shortest timeframe.

Virtual meeting fatigue is a reality for many of us and many of us will continue to experience this if we don’t change something. Have you considered asking yourself how effective am I in this meeting, what is the objective for the meeting and who needs to be here and for how long? You may realise that actually you don’t and it’s easier to send a round-robin or reduce the time spent by being specific in what is needed beforehand. Many of us feel that virtual meetings are more fatiguing than those conducted in person because there are fewer social cues. Whereas others appreciated the more detached meeting style. Either way remember to book time between meetings and get up and move about, take a break outside & breathe.

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