Monthly Orbit – September 2021

Back to school for students and time to pick up the books. But learning isn’t just for schools let’s face it the education systems doesn’t turn out students that are fit for purpose in business.

Onboarding your new employees has never been as important and getting it right may be the difference between a problem employee or the most exciting talent you have had in years. Time to make sure your process to get the later is on the ball.

HMRC figures have shown that six months after the Job Retention Scheme started that 126,900 more women than men were on furlough despite the fact women make up 47% of the workforce.

It’s a statistic that provokes the gender bias discussion and how employers can promote more inclusivity in their workforces.

To support women and other underrepresented groups you can try to create inclusive hiring processes and removing gender language from advertising and descriptions and maybe you can offer benefits like shared parental leave.

Stereotyping is still alive in the workplace so let’s try to ensure we all share in ensuring everyone’s voice is heard.

Big corporates compete with businesses for talent and a large sector of the workforce consider the rewards offered to be better in the corporate world but that does not have to be the case.

Even if your the top paying employer you wont retain your staff with just salary alone. The total benefit package will inform who job applicants choose to be their employer. Take Private Health Care. Dont fall into that trap of its to expensive – It isn’t – There are scalable options that all sizes of business can afford.

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