Monthly Orbit – November 2020

Your feedback on our monthly HR updates has been great so we have decided to go digital and make it easier to access.

31st October was to see the end of the government Job Retention Scheme but this has now been extended until December. This has delayed the start of the Job Support Scheme. The government will pay up to 80% of an employees normal pay, capped at £2,500 and employers remain responsible for NIC and pension. Employees can continue to work part-time under flexible furlough and receive the furlough grant for any hours not worked. Make sure you have documented any work changes to your employee’s contract – We are here to help.

Working at home looks set to be around for a while longer and most policy dealing with this is looking at this from a voluntary perspective. Things have changed and it might be a good time to review your working from home policy in light of these changes.

A little known fact that might give a boost to employees working at home is that anyone who worked from home even if its just one day since 6 April can claim tax relief for the whole year and this can be worth £60-£125. Here is the link to claim

Sorry to bring up the C-word but Christmas is just 8 weeks away and many employers celebrate with their teams and its a great stimulus for employee engagement. So it’s likely to deflate team spirit when faced with no Christmas do. Did you know that a fully engaged employee is likely to be 22% more productive?

There are some fantastic creative alternates out there to ensure you and your business inspire your employees to feel recognised and rewarded. Zoom parties and food and entertainment along with a myriad of other fabulous options we have seen will need some planning so dont leave it to late.

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